International / Overseas Students and Lawyers

We’ve assisted students and lawyers from many countries to realise their ambition of practising law in Australia or New Zealand.

The requirements for admission to practise law in Australia vary according to where your law degree was obtained, whether you have already been admitted to practise and where you are living.

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Do you need a student visa arranged by The College of Law to do Practical Legal Training?

The College of Law’s Practical Legal Training Program is accredited as a Higher Education course and graduates are entitled to receive the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

The College is registered to provide the course to overseas students (CRICOS Provider Code 03155A) studying in Australia on student visas.

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If you have an Australian law degree …

  • and are studying in Australia on a student visa, you must undertake the CRICOS approved course, which is the full-time face-to-face course at our St Leonards (Sydney) campus (CRICOS Provider Code 03155A). CRICOS is the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

The College of Law in Australia is registered to provide the practical legal training program to overseas students studying in the Australian Program on student visas.

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  • and are living outside Australia, you may undertake any of the online practical legal training programs offered by the College.

However, online courses still have onsite attendance requirements. These can be undertaken in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth or London (international students are not required to pay additional on-site charges in London).

It is up to you to ensure that travel documents allow you to study in Australia for these on-site periods.

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If you have a law degree from outside Australia…

  • but you are not yet practising, before completing your Practical Legal Training you need to check your requirements with the relevant Admitting Authority. You can find additional information at
  • and you have already been admitted to practise law outside Australia, you may need to undertake a  Practical Legal Training Part Program in order to gain admission in Australia.

You will need to check with the relevant Admitting Authority to determine which subjects you’ll need to undertake. The College offers part programs in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

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Are you a New Zealand law student or practitioner?

For Practical Legal Training in New Zealand, The College of Law New Zealand offers the Professional Legal Studies Course for admission in New Zealand.

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Alternatively, you can undertake the College’s Australian Practical Legal Training program and pay the local fee rather than the international student fee. You need to check your requirements with the relevant Admitting Authority before undertaking your Practical Legal Training in Australia.

You can find additional information at:

If you are already admitted in New Zealand and wish to seek admission to Australia, you can do so under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Scheme. We recommend you contact the Admitting Authority in your intended jurisdiction for further details.

Re-Qualifying as an English Solicitor – the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme

The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) enables international lawyers from a wide variety of jurisdictions to qualify to practise as solicitors in England and Wales. It is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). For more information please visit

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