Expression of Interest – COLWA PLT Course Casual Lecturers



Expressions of Interest – Casual Lecturers

The College of Law Western Australia is seeking expressions of interest from legal practitioners who wish to join a pool of casual lecturers to assist the College deliver the College’s Western Australian Practical Legal Training course.


A casual Lecturer may choose to be engaged for any one or more of the following roles:

  1. 1. Online Lecturer
  • Mentoring/tutoring students during the online phases of the College’s course by providing students with feedback on their submitted work.
  1. Assessor
  • Assessing student’s oral assessments.
  1. Workshop facilitator
    • Facilitating a workshop using the College’s detailed workshop plan, student materials and lecturer notes. Workshops typically run on a weekday from 9 am to 5 pm.


You will be allocated students and requested to draft feedback to students on their work via the Learning Portal. The draft feedback is provided via your Lecturer’s Workbench using Microsoft Word’s ‘track changes’ function. Before providing the feedback the College will provide the casual lecturer with training on the content and style of feedback.

This work does not require you to attend the College (apart from receiving some initial training). To perform this role you must have access to a computer with broadband internet access and be familiar with using Microsoft Word and Outlook. You will be able to access all the work tools you need via the Internet from anywhere. The College will provide you with password access to:

  • The College’s intranet
  • The College’s PLT Course website
  • The Lecturers Workbench
  • A College webmail account, with a email address

We are looking for lecturers who can provide feedback to students in one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Property Practice
  • Civil Litigation Practice
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Corporate and Commercial Practice


Oral Assessments

Casual Lecturers are also needed to assist the College to assess students via oral assessments in one or more of the following areas:

  • Property Law Practice
  • Civil Litigation Practice (to sit as a “judicial officer”) to assess “interlocutory applications” and filed documents.
  • Professional Responsibility.
  • Corporate and Commercial Law Practice.


The College of Law Western Australia is also seeking expressions of interest from legal practitioners who wish to join a pool of casual lecturers who are available to facilitate one or more of the following workshops:

  • Administrative Law Practice Workshop
  • Interviewing Skills Workshop
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Workshop

Workshop details:

Each workshop runs for a day (9 am to 5pm). Workshops are held at various times of the year and are conducted at the College’s campus at 263 Adelaide Tce Perth.

Course materials and lecturer resources:

The Workshops are structured and timetabled so that students proceed through them in a specific way. All workshop materials and lecturer materials have been prepared by the College.

Other requirements:

All lecturer roles at the College require the casual lecturer to:

  • Maintain student records in the required mode and format
  • Contribute to the academic and administrative management of the course
  • Provide feedback on the course’s relevance, currency and accuracy


The College pays an hourly rate of $80.71 per hour inclusive of 9% superannuation (or a rate of $80.71 on receipt of an invoice with an ABN).


Training and coaching will be provided and you will be provided with a mentor. The College pays its usual hourly rate to attendees of the training.


A copy of the standard contract for casual Lecturers will be provided.


The College’s course materials, Lecturers’ notes, online course content and design are copyright and you are required to maintain confidentiality.



Casual Lecturers must:

  • have a LLB or equivalent.
  • be admitted to practise as an Australian Lawyer.
  • have at least five years’ post admission experience of legal practice in Western Australia, with in depth experience in the areas in which they wish to teach or assess.
  • have awareness of the needs and dynamics of the Australian legal profession.
  • have experience and skills in the use of personal computers and computer programmes.


Preference will be given to persons with:

  • Post-graduate qualifications in law and other fields.
  • Teaching or training experience and/or educational qualifications.
  • Experience in the creation and development of online teaching materials.


Casual Lecturers need to demonstrate:

  • A level of knowledge and expertise necessary to be effective as a teacher.
  • An awareness of current developments within the law and the legal profession.
  • A strong sense of the lawyer as a professional and an ability to project that to students.


To express interest in undertaking any of the casual lecturer roles please complete the online form and attach a CV  – there is no closing date and expressions of interest are welcome at any time.

Access Online form here