Dallas Pirates Club II: Coming soon to a letterbox near you

July 13th, 2015 by

Not so long ago Insights brought you the story of the Dallas Pirates Club, which detailed the Federal Court ruling that the Dallas Buyers Club rights holders could demand release of the identities of over 4,700 illegal streamers from internet service providers. Now letters have been prepared for each of the 4,726 alleged copyright infringers requesting them to email or call to negotiate a settlement or else face a potentially crippling legal battle. The letter does little to assuage concerns regarding the potential amount of the settlement sum given its clear lack of definitive or even vague monetary figures.

The Dallas Pirates Club – The Future of IP Piracy in Australia

April 14th, 2015 by

The recent decision of the Federal Court ruled that a number of Australian internet service providers (ISPs) must hand over the identities of 4,700 account holders who used their internet connections to illegally share the film, Dallas Buyers Club. The decision comes as a landmark ruling in the age of the internet in which the fight for copyright protection has so far been an uphill battle.