Studying at The College

The College of Law acts as a ‘bridge’, helping students transition from university to life as a professional legal practitioner. We then provide postgraduate and continuing professional development programs to assist practitioners to achieve their career goals.

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An opportunity to nurture professional networks.

Practical Legal Training Programs

Learning Online

All College of Law Practical Legal Training programs have a proportion of online tuition delivered via the College’s Learning Portal. This is the gateway into the online course materials, interactive activities, Practice Papers and personalised timetable. It is also where work is uploaded and where lecturer feedback is delivered.

The College’s program has been designed and written specifically for online delivery, not adapted from a face-to-face model.

Depending on the mode of study you choose, the College course includes invaluable face-to-face onsite weeks of intensive skills training. This training will prepare you for the early stages of your legal career and covers areas such as advocacy, negotiation, work and business management skills and ethics and professional responsibility. For the online course, there are five days of attendance at the beginning of the course. It’s also an opportunity to nurture professional networks among fellow students, meet lecturers and orient yourself to the campus.

Teaching and Learning Approach

All programs are led by lecturers who have extensive experience in legal practice and teaching,  and are structured to encourage regular contact and individual feedback from lecturers.

“The lecturers and administration staff were the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people I have ever dealt with in higher education.” 2010 Graduate

Examples of activities you will undertake are:

  • Simulations (e.g. conducting a conveyancing matter)
  • Role plays (e.g. advocacy)
  • Feedback sessions
  • Individual problem-based research
  • Individual feedback via our learning portal, email or face-to-face
  • Online forums
  • Writing and drafting assignments

There are no formal written exams or group assessments. You will complete a variety of practical individual assessments and multi choice tests.

We believe (and employers agree) that this is the best way to demonstrate that you have acquired, as an individual, the knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level lawyer.

We tailor our assessment methods to evaluate the specific skills and expertise required for the particular subject area, such as:

  • Oral assessments by lecturers and/or external practitioners
  • Practical written assignment tasks
  • Performance demonstrations (e.g. simulated hearings or interviews)
  • Multi-choice tests

No matter the field of study or subject undertaken, your lecturer is there to assist and support you through the entire program. You can contact him or her via email or phone and meet face-to-face during the onsites.

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Postgraduate Programs in Applied Law

If you’ve enrolled in a postgraduate program, whether in a single subject or the Graduate Diploma or Masters, you will be studying primarily online.

Many of our students appreciate the flexibility that online study provides. It allows them to combine education with a busy work and/or family life. However, for others, online can be somewhat new and intimidating.  Either way, you can always ask questions and seek clarification from your lecturer at any time throughout the program.

At the mid-semester workshops, you will also have the opportunity to meet fellow students as well as your lecturer. Again, another networking opportunity that you can use during your career.

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