The Research and Scholarship Committee

The Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) co-ordinates and drives research activities at the College with the aims of developing knowledge in support of the College’s Principles in Research and Scholarship and ensuring that the products of research and scholarship, where appropriate, are utilised in the development of curriculum and delivery.

Functions and Terms of Reference

The RSC, in contemplation of the Principles and the Policy:

  • implements the research interests and priorities of the Board of Governors and The College of Law Academic Board (COLAB) via the Research and Scholarship Plan
  • co-ordinates the research interests of lecturers, seminar presenters and students
  • develops strategies and emphases to encourage research of particular types or in particular fields
  • co-ordinates different research projects and, where possible, seeks efficiencies and synchronicities
  • benchmarks research and scholarship with other institutions wherever relevant to inform College activities
  • develops strategies and sets targets for the integration of research and scholarship into College programs
  • creates an annual Report on Research and Scholarship at The College of Law

Focus of the RSC will be in the following areas

Practice Areas

Research into current trends and developments in:

  • ore or traditional areas of practice (litigation, property, succession, etc)
  • emerging areas of practice (eg, climate change law)
  • sector specific practice areas (government legal practice, in-house legal practice, etc)

Professional Issues

Research into:

  • professional ethics
  • practice management
  • employment trends
  • career progression
  • lawyers’ well-being
  • use of technology
  • sector specific issues

Teaching and Learning

Research into:

  • educational needs of law graduates and the legal profession
  • best practice in legal teaching and learning
  • technological developments

Structure and Membership

The RSC includes:

  • Dr Monica Hayes (NSW PLT) (Chair)
  • the Chief Academic Officer
  • the Director, Academic Audit and Policy (Secretary)
  • academic staff as appointed from time to time, currently:
  • Mr Fabian Horton (VIC PLT)
  • Ms Jennifer Sturgess (QLD PLT)
  • Kathryn Kearley (NSW PLT)
  • Ms Angie Zandstra (ALP)


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