Group Course Committee

The Group Course Committee (GCC) deals with the day-to-day administration of the curriculum and attendant policies.

Functions and Terms of Reference

The GCC operates with and through its Executive Chair, the General Manager, Education who, in turn, reports to the College’s CEO who is also its Academic Principal. Under the Executive Chair’s leadership, the Group Course Committee has the following roles and functions:

  • to review the day-to-day operation of College Programs
  • to monitor and, where necessary, influence, all aspects of moderation
  • to undertake the annual benchmarking exercise and consider benchmarking reports (the annual benchmarking exercise is undertaken by the benchmarking subcommittee of the GCC, including all Program Directors, the Director, Program Development and the Director, Academic Policy and Quality)
  • to develop and amend timetables
  • to analyse data and make recommendations for the continuous improvement of the content and delivery of all courses
  • to review the effect of academic policy and report to The College of Law Academic Board (COLAB) and the Academic Principal, from time to time
  • to consider recommendations in respect of any Program received from lecturers’ Practice Area Teams, student evaluations and external Curriculum Advisory Committees (CACs)
  • to make recommendations to the COLAB and the Executive Management Team with regard to resourcing
  • to report, as required, to the COLAB

The GCC meets fortnightly and provides reports quarterly to the COLAB (or more frequently as required) and to the Executive Management Team (as required).

Structure and Membership

The GCC is constituted by:

  • General Manager, Education (Executive Chair)
  • CEO (or nominee), The College of Law Queensland
  • CEO (or nominee), The College of Law Victoria
  • CEO (or nominee), The College of Law Western Australia
  • CEO (or nominee), The College of Law New Zealand
  • Director, PLT Program (New South Wales)
  • Director, Program Development
  • Director, Practitioner Education
  • Head of Practical Legal Training Program Online
  • Director, Academic Policy and Quality

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