Principles in Research and Scholarship

The College promotes research and scholarship based on academic integrity and the practical application of the law.

The overall objective is to be consistently at the forefront of new thinking, study and experimentation associated with best practice standards in the delivery of legal services to the community.

The College’s objectives in research and scholarship fall into three categories:

1) Legal Professional Practice

The College will promote research and scholarship that studies:

  • the structures, processes, dynamics, demographics and sociology of the legal profession, as capabilities for delivery of services
  • the legislative and other structures by which the legal profession is regulated and governed, and the development of social and legislative policy with respect to the legal services market place
  • best practice trends in the design and delivery of legal services, developing new fields of legal practice and their impact on legal service consumers and communities,

and wherever appropriate will convert that research and scholarship into materials for teaching and learning in both award and non-award programs.

2) Legal Education Best Practice

The College will promote research and scholarship that studies:

  • how education standards for first and continuing licence of legal professionals are authoritatively defined, including definitions of practice standards in a range of specialist areas, law firm management standards and standards in education technology for learning in legal practice
  • the theory and practice of continuing and professional education as it applies to the legal profession, how lawyers and other professionals learn, how other institutions achieve their teaching and learning objectives, how to translate legal learning into practice competencies and how to most effectively match learning strategies and technologies to learning objectives
  • regulation and governance of higher education systems and law school sectors, and their overall impact on the education of legal practitioners and quality legal services outcomes.

3) Professional Legal Ethics

The College will promote research and scholarship that studies:

  • ethical frameworks for professional competency standards and the legal learning necessary to achieve them
  • trends in debate among the public and profession about lawyer ethics
  • comparative ethical frameworks
  • corporate social responsibility as a core dynamic of the legal profession.